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Man Down Device Man Down Device


The Lone Worker Man Down Alarm is an exceptional choice of personal safety device. It’s highly wearable and discreet. The latest version of the lone worker man down device, is equipped to deliver even more comprehensive personal safety to lone workers.

The man down/No motion detection feature in the device monitors a lone worker’s movement. This alerts your nominated emergency contacts  if there has been no movement within a set amount of time (time set by the user).

Man Down Device With Auto Fall Detection

Did you know that falls, slipping or tripping are the major cause of workplace accidents across many industries worldwide? It accounts for 49% of all non-fatal workplace injuries. Any of these hazards may also cause serious injury to your employees and can potentially be fatal in some instances.

Knowing instantly when a serious fall happens and rendering direct assistance can be the difference between a minor injury and a life changing one. How do your employees who work alone or out of sight raise help when you cannot see them? How can they raise the alarm if they have been injured or need help? Our device may have the fall detection or man down alarm solution you need.

This device has a sensitivity adjustable, automatic fall detection built in, detecting serious falls.

To activate fall detection / Man down automatically, it requires:

– 1 meter or more sudden drop in altitude 

– Angle change like falling backward or forwards

– An impact that could cause injury or incapacitation

If the parameters or sensitivity has not been met (like falling onto soft surfaces like grass or a short fall off a chair, it should be determined that the user can activate the SOS button themselves. If parameters are met, the device will automatically start an emergency sequence of SMS to nominated contacts (and start calling out in sequence if desired)

Man down alarm can be set for ‘no movement’ too. In the event the device doesn’t sense movement for a predetermined period of time, it alerts the nominated emergency contacts that the device has been stationary.

No Motion alert/ Motion detection : Fall Detection & More

With the help of motion sensors, the lone worker man down device can detect movement, no movement and an impact in a variety of ways that could indicate a medical, fall or incapacitation accident. Depending on your occupational health and safety legislation and regulations, these features can also be effective in maintaining safety compliance. Safety motion features can help address many workplace safety challenges and reduce the chances of an occupational safety hazard occurring.

No Motion detection

The device can alert emergency contacts if it senses no motion for a set period of time. The No-motion timer can easily be set by the employer/Health & safety manager for time periods of one minute to several hours. Should an employee not move for the time period you have set, their no motion will alert your nominated emergency contacts that the device has not sensed any movement and assistance is required. For example, should a worker collapse, have a medical event or become unconscious, the device will send an alert to your contacts once the predetermined no motion timer has been exceeded.

Put simply, if the wearer stops moving for a set period of time, emergency contacts will be alerted.

With the man down feature of this lone worker safety solution, employers will be able to set the time period for man down from between one minute to several hours. This allows them to adjust the countdown time as needed, depending on the specific activity they are doing. For a higher risk activity, it would be set to a shorter time, giving the worker more security and reassurance that help will come should they need it.

Motion Detection/Movement alert

A helpful feature that is often used for monitoring trucks, automobiles, boats and construction equipment. The device can be set to alert emergency contacts should it sense movement.

Additionally, if the device is attached or inside the item being monitored, the device has GPS tracking that will allow contacts to locate and track the item remotely.

Impact & Fall detection

With adjustable impact sensors, the device is capable of detecting a range of falls or impacts. Once the device detects a fall or impact, it will send an SMS to all emergency contacts and then also be programmed to start calling the same contacts until someone answers.

Man Down System

With the man down feature, workers can’t reduce the chance of life-threatening incidents happening, but it is likely to speed up their reaction time. The use of an alarm would result in efficient response from those around them, which could save lives in the event of an emergency. 

Check In / Welfare timer Feature

The device is also equipped with a ‘Check In’ Feature. A timer that counts down on a timer. If the worker fails to stop the timer, it initiates the emergency SMS and Call sequence